Kingdom Hearts Theme Song

Australia Hearts theme song has become one of the very iconic pieces of music in game playing history. The background music was composed by way of a Japanese artist named Yoko Shimomura. Inside Japanese kind of Kingdom Hearts, the main theme is named “Hikari” (meaning ‘light’ in Japanese), which is different to the theme in the Western versions of the game, which is known as “Simple and Clean”. This Kingdom Hearts theme song was primarily written and done by Hikaru Utada, and could be located on her ‘Deep River’ album. Both songs, while different, have the identical theme and melody, but the lyrics are vastly different.

For those who are who will be unaware, Kingdom Hearts could be the best-selling video gaming from Square Enix (formerly Square) and Disney that is like no other. It’s part RPG, part action-adventure, in which you play an adolescent boy who’s world gets attacked by dark creatures and must traverse different universes to find his friend. An advantage of mafia wars is that those universes are straight from Disney films (including Tarzan, Peter Pan and also the Little Mermaid) and Final Fantasy games. It’s good to view Donald Duck and Goofy letting you accept baddies, before entering the battle arena to face-off with Sephiroth.
Both songs are actually remixed repeatedly (both by fans in the game and also professional artists), as they are getting to be something of a cult classic. A soundtrack featuring australia Hearts theme song has been released, and as well includes several themes from your game, including Disney music and also music from Final Fantasy.
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